Vanilla Extract

I love vanilla. So much so (and my husband even says it just to throw me into a tirade) that it drives me nuts when people talk about boring or mundane things as being “so… vanilla”. They don’t know what they’re talking about! There is so much flavor in true vanilla! Good bottles of vanilla extract, whose contents will actually impart a true punch of vanilla into your food, are easily $25 to $35 per 8 oz. bottle. That’s roughly $0.52 to $0.73 per teaspoon!! Many times I will use even 2 teaspoons in a given recipe! Granted, if the vanilla is very strong (but therefore, again, maybe more expensive) you don’t use as much per dish… but nonetheless… my vanilla jars empty quickly. So… this all goes to say I’m looking to making my own vanilla extract. My experiment here is:

  1. Can I make it more inexpensive than the price I am currently buying it at?
  2. Can I also make my extract better for my purposes than what I’m currently buying??

We will see…………..

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